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Filtration in marine aquaria

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions, from various discussion Forums in which I have participated during the past few years. Please note that these are personal views of the members, and may not necessarily be correct. Some messages are also rather old… so, THINK before you DO!


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Alkalinity conversion

Berlin Protein Skimmer

Bristleworms - friend or foe

Brown Algae

Bubble coral

Captive stock

Feather-duster worms

Cryptocaryon irritans (Ich)

Fluidized Bed filters

Fish disease and stress

Sea Apples

Water changes and top-ups

Initial algae growth

Sump plumbing

Stocking density

Lighting temperature

Feeding an Open Brain coral


Acclimating fish & inverts

Cooling the tank

Nuisance Algae

Garlic as medicine for Ich

Activated Carbon


Salinity testing

Starting a new tank

Egg Crate - what is it?

Yellow water

Specific Gravity (SG)